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Coase monomer T_80


Weight ratio of 2,4'-to 2,6'-toluene diisocyanate (TDI) 80:20
Raw materials for preparing polyurethane coatings and adhesives

Supply form Colorless liquid at room temperature

Characteristic Numerical value Company Test method
Purity ≥ 99.5 % Bayer test method
2,4TDI content 80.5 ± 1 % Bayer test method
Hydrolyzed chlorine ≤ 100 mg/kg Bayer test method
Acidity ≤ 40 mg/kg Bayer test method

Other data      
Characteristic Numerical value Company Test method
Isocyanate content ≥ 48 % Purity test method
Freezing point 约 14 °C DIN 53 175
Boiling point (1bar) 约 250 °C  
Flash point 约 130 °C DIN EN ISO 2719/A
Viscosity, 25℃ 约 3 mPa·s DIN 53 015
Density,25℃ 约 1.22 g/ml DIN 51 757

*This data is general information and is not part of the product description.

Storage   Stored in original sealed containers.
    Recommended storage temperature: 18-40 C.
    Avoid moisture, heat and foreign substances.
    General information: The product is sensitive to moisture and heat. Contact with water in the atmosphere should be avoided. Long-term storage at higher temperatures may lead to discoloration or formation of insoluble precipitates. The product will crystallize partially or completely below 15 degree C. However, when heated carefully at up to 50 degree C, the product will be liquefied again without any adverse effects on product quality. The contact temperature shall not exceed 80 C. Because crystallization results in a change in the proportion of isomers between the crystalline phase and the liquid phase, the re-liquefied product must be homogenized. After taking out the product, the open container must be re-sealed. If stored for a long time, the product should be protected by nitrogen. The product reacts with water to release carbon dioxide. During the storage, transmission and treatment of products, because the generation of carbon dioxide may increase the risk of pressure, any form of contact with water (wet containers, aqueous solvents, wet air) must be prevented. Urea formed at the same time may cause turbidity. They can also cause blockage and damage to filters, pumps and pipes.
Storage time   Cosmic declares that the product meets the requirements of the above-mentioned "storage" clause and is properly handled within 12 months from the date of shipment specified in the transport document, in accordance with the above-mentioned "specification or characteristic value" clause. Specification or characteristic values specified (applicable as appropriate).
If the product exceeds the 12-month period mentioned above, it does not mean that it no longer meets the set values in specifications or characteristic values. However, Cox proposes to test products that have been shipped for more than 12 months prior to use to confirm that they still meet the set values in specifications or characteristic values. Kosichuan does not undertake any commitments for products over 12 months from the date of shipment, nor does it assume any responsibility or obligation for the set values of its non-conforming specifications or characteristics.
Security   Product data tables are only valid when used in conjunction with their corresponding latest security data tables. Any security-related information updates - as required by regulations - will only be reflected in the security data sheet and copies will be revised and distributed accordingly. For relevant information, including the latest classification and labeling, applications, processing methods and more security-related data, please refer to the current effective security data sheet.
Supplementary information   The product is mainly used as hardener or coating material adhesive. Processing polyisocyanate and residual monomer TDI containing active coating materials or adhesives requires appropriate protection measures mentioned in the safety data sheet. Therefore, these products may only be used in industrial or industrial applications. They are not suitable for home worker (DIY) applications.


Your use of our products, technical assistance and information (whether verbally, in writing or in the form of production evaluation) and your purpose of use, including any recommended formulations and recommendations,
They are not under our control. Therefore, it is necessary for you to test our products, technical assistance, information and recommendations to determine whether they meet your expected use and application needs.
Specific application analysis must include at least testing in order to determine its applicability from a technical, health, safety and environmental perspective. We do not need to carry out such tests. Unless otherwise agreed in writing,
Otherwise, all products will be sold in strict accordance with the standard sales terms, which will be provided at your request. We do not guarantee or guarantee any information or technical assistance provided.
No further notice will be given for any change. Both parties clearly understand and agree that you will bear all liability for infringement, contract or other aspects arising from the use of our products, technical assistance and information.
We are hereby expressly exempted from all such responsibilities. Any declaration or recommendation not contained herein is unauthorized and is not binding on us.
Nothing under this Statement shall be deemed to suggest the use of any product that is contrary to any patent right relating to any material or use.
The information here does not imply or in fact grant any patent licence. "This product is not designated to be applicable to the production of medical equipment or intermediate products of medical equipment.
This product is not designated for other applications requiring special management (e.g., cosmetics, plant protective agents, fertilizers, plant enhancers, food processing, food contact, etc.).
If the anticipated use of the product is for the production of medical equipment or intermediate products of medical equipment or other applications requiring special management, it must be contacted in advance with Kosichuan.
Obtain its consent to sell such products for such purposes. However, as to whether the product is suitable for the production of medical equipment or intermediate products of medical equipment,
The confirmation of "food-accessible" products or cosmetics must be made by the purchaser himself, without reliance on any statement made by Cosmic.
1) Please refer to the document "Guidelines for the Use of Cosmic Products for Medical Purposes". Version: January 2018


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