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product description  

ST-A501 is an environmentally friendly, weakly alkaline water-soluble liquid cleaning agent that does not contain halogenated hydrocarbons. It is mainly used for cleaning polishing materials such as lenses, prisms, etc., which adhere to the surface of the polishing powder, fingerprints, grease, etc. It can also be used as a general cleaning and cleaning agent for metals, petrochemicals, automobiles, paper and other industries.


Dipping method: The concentration is 50 to 100%, and the actual use conditions vary depending on the strength of the adhesion of the dirt.

Ultrasonic cleaning: (for example, polishing powder, oil stain, etc. on the surface of the cleaning optics, the typical application process is as follows)

Performance characteristics 

Strong cleaning power: It can quickly and thoroughly remove the polishing powder, fingerprints, oil stains and other dirt remaining on the surface of the optical device, and has no damage to the lens;

Wide applicability: can be widely used in the cleaning process of optical, metal, petrochemical, automotive, paper and other industries;

High stability: not volatile, not easy to decompose, not easy to burn, safe to use;

Easy to rinse: directly rinse the residual cleaning agent on the surface of the device with pure water;

Green and environmental protection: The products are ROHS certified, biodegradable and harmless to the environment.

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