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Based on the principle of "fair competition, excellent selection and recruitment" and the requirements of the company's job responsibilities, the company recruits virtuous and healthy talents in an open and diversified way. At the same time, we believe that what is appropriate is the best. The excellent suitai people always take profit and development as the goal, care for and respect people in management, insist on doing things with heart and mind, develop together, contribute to society, and constantly seek for the wide range of people of insight who take this as the common cognition.
Human resource concept
The company adheres to the principle of respecting and cherishing talents, and adheres to the principle of being virtuous and competent. Virtue and talent make an exception for reuse; Virtue without talent, cultivation and use; To restrict the use of talents without virtue; No talent, no virtue, definitely not.
We strive to build a high-quality team to provide high-quality products, services and benefits to suppliers, customers and partners, so as to achieve multiple win-win results.