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Seikoslov® Film forming additive
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Metal detergent


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The company's service aim is: to provide customers with "timely, professional and sincere" services, to create more value for customers.
Customer first: establish a customer-centric work style, customer satisfaction as the yardstick of all work. Establish a sound service network to provide professional, standardized and diversified services to customers;
Standard management: scientific methods are adopted to identify and determine the various processes related to services within the project team, data and facts are used as the basis for decision-making, systematic management methods are adopted, clear, reasonable and feasible management standards are formulated, and the smooth implementation of the system is promoted;
Pursuit of excellence: through regular inspection and summary at all levels and stages, timely find out the deficiencies in work and make improvement, achieve continuous improvement and constantly improve service quality. To provide customers with continuous, efficient and fast services, building quality service brand.