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Seikoslov® Film forming additive
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Logo Interpretation:
1. Our trademark is combined with “S, T” which is the initial word for , sample but full of vitality.
2. The word “S, T” organically integrated through art processing, demonstrating our observant in searching brand, market and our “win- win” principle. The trademark also shows our business objectives: continuous development of enterprise internal tech products, introduction of foreign advanced technology, perfect service system; Expand foreign cooperation, mutual benefit and common development.
3. The hollow part of the graph is like a road, which means our company grows up by combing the advantages of localization and international standards. It shows that the SuiTai trading  Co.,Ltd own an international corporate image with a broad space for development and keep going with the development of Chinese economy.
4. The whole shape of the marking seems like universe, or a gold coin which means the company has a strong growth prospects and a vibrant vitality. Our company not only looking for profit maximization, but also focus on environmental, health, high-tech and sense of social responsibility.
5. The logo printed with blue and green. The blue symbolizes wisdom and technology, the green symbolizes environmental protection and development.
Corporate Culture:
People-oriented, humanity heart, common development and serve the society
Core Values:
Good deed and enjoy win-win
Experience the happiness of growing businesses and social value. 
Corporate Vision:
Provide a better platforms or opportunities for all the people with lofty ideals to achieve their dream