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Seikoslov® Film forming additive
Water-based Emulsion
Water-based Hardener





Metal working

Optical detergent

Metal detergent


MWF additive

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Independent research and development: industrial cleaning agent, rust removal and anti-rust, paint removal and deinking, metal processing fluid, phosphate-free and passivation, other (shed liquid, infiltrating agent),
Seikosolv ® series special solvent
Agent brands: Coolidge, coxtron, basf, mobil, mitsubishi chemical, DENKA, Japanese powder, STELLA,Between the field chemistry, east ronghua, out of the light, wan shan, and song shan, sasaki,hydrometallurgy
Shanghai suitai can customize all kinds of products you need according to the needs of customers. Your needs are our products. Suitai is your reliable partner.

Shanghai Suitai Trade Co., Ltd registered in Songjiang Jiufu economic development

zone on December 1, 1997.We are sales agent for famous enterprises of chemical raw

materials, high-tech new materials and products. As a professional import and export

companies, our products are widely used in coatings, inks, adhesives, polyurethane

resins, synthetic resins, optical products, specialty glass processing, organic pigments, the washing, fragrances, flavors and fragrances, metal processing and metal finishing